About Us

About Us

Obsessed with offering the pinnacle of aerodynamic motor vehicle body parts, Our carbon fiber specialist utilise 20 years plus of specialization of carbon fiber R&D and manufacturing to create aesthetically desirable, functional and robust components. Our range of enhanced carbon fiber parts cover major european car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi and also supercars brands such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren.

Carbon-PB is based in Hong Kong supplying customers worldwide. Passionate with our work and striving to offer the best and latest range of carbon fiber body parts. For our clients requiring something special we employ our expertise and offer a Project Service for bespoke items.

Our mission at Carbon-BP is to offer the best in class service and automotive performance parts.

Bespoke Services 

Carbon-BP has the ability to offer unique tailored carbon fiber motor vehicle body parts at the customers request and specification. For Bespoke custom parts please email ….

Carbon Specification available 

1K, 3K, 6K, 12K Carbon Fiber Filaments 

Pre Peg, Autoclave, Forged and Dry Carbon Fiber

Red, Blue, Yellow and Silver carbon fiber color

Important Notice Before Purchase

All Price listed in this website is in US Dollar $

All items are made to order and will be sent 14 – 21 days after payment, packages are sent via Hong Kong Post with tracking number.

We are not responsible for any duty/import/taxes/customs/etc charges you may incur.